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The NEW 65-Ton LTR 1060 Crane!

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Chicago's oldest and most reputable crane rental service

Chicago's oldest and most reputable crane rental service

Gatwood has the right size crane for your job!

Gatwood has the right size crane for your job!

All Gatwood Operators are OECP Certified

All Gatwood Operators are OECP Certified

Welcome to Gatwood - Serving the Chicagoland area

Gatwood Crane Service has been serving the Chicagoland area for over 60 years.  Gatwood has always provided quality trustworthy service.  We began in the 1940’s as a steel erector.  Shortly after starting the steel erection business, we were asked if we could put some HVAC units on a roof for one of Chicago’s leading mechanical contractors.  Of course we were happy to oblige. Realizing the need for this service, Gatwood transitioned from a steel erector to a full service crane rental service. 

Gatwood Crane Service grew from two small cranes to one of Chicago’s largest crane companies. Our fleet of cranes ranges from our 2 ton “Mini” Crane” to our NEW 500 ton mobile crane. Our goal is to deliver cost-effective lifting solutions while maintaining the safest most reliable service in our industry. Our commitment to safety has always led us.

Gatwood Crane Service will continue to grow by providing the quality, safety, and integrity that our customers demand from their crane service.

Gatwood Crane Service knows what it takes to get the job done right!


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October 10th, 2015


Cutting Edge in Cranes


Want a versatile crane? How about the most versatile crane? We've got you covered. The Liebherr LTR 1060 represents the best crane technology in it's class. It unites the advantages of a telescopic crane and those of a crawler crane and brings the best of both worlds to the table. The LTR has the ability to change boom lengths without breakdown and reassembly of the boom (a distinct advantage over lattice-boom crawlers); something that otherwise would take an entire day to do!  This allows us to perform multiple pics from different positions in a fraction of the time - saving you valuable time and money. 


"When you are going to set up the crane and pick a load, many times what limits the operator is the site prep and whether the area can withstand the ground-bearing pressure. Telecrawlers in general require less site prep than a rubber-tired crane or larger lattice crawler.", says Mike Herbert in Crane & Rigging Hot Line. Shorter setup times mean more working time with the crane! The crawler chassis has outstanding off-road capabilities and maneuverability while bringing with it the short set-up times, easier transportation, and boom/jib variability that our telescopic cranes have always brought to your jobsite. The LTR easily traverses uneven or sloped terrain and can also pick up and carry the entire load it's lifting. While some RT's can do this as well, they're limited to small load sizes and favorable terrain. The broad nature and speed of the LTR's crawlers allow the same task to be accomplished with heavier loads. Call (847) 364-1400 today to request a quote on our newest piece of machinery.




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