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Chicago's oldest and most reputable crane rental service

Chicago's oldest and most reputable crane rental service

Gatwood has the right size crane for your job!

Gatwood has the right size crane for your job!

All Gatwood Operators are OECP Certified

All Gatwood Operators are OECP Certified

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Gatwood Crane Service has been serving the Chicagoland area for over 60 years.  Gatwood has always provided quality trustworthy service.  We began in the 1940’s as a steel erector.  Shortly after starting the steel erection business, we were asked if we could put some HVAC units on a roof for one of Chicago’s leading mechanical contractors.  Of course we were happy to oblige. Realizing the need for this service, Gatwood transitioned from a steel erector to a full service crane rental service. 

Gatwood Crane Service grew from two small cranes to one of Chicago’s largest crane companies. Our fleet of cranes ranges from our 2 ton “Mini” Crane” to our NEW 500 ton mobile crane. Our goal is to deliver cost-effective lifting solutions while maintaining the safest most reliable service in our industry. Our commitment to safety has always led us.

Gatwood Crane Service will continue to grow by providing the quality, safety, and integrity that our customers demand from their crane service.

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IMG_4899March 27, 2015

500-Ton @ The Hilton

 The job was simple in concept: The Contractor needed a 20,000 lb. HVAC unit installed onto the roof of the Hilton Garden Inn along Wacker Pl. in downtown Chicago. However, the jobsite itself presented two major challenges: First, the 500 Ton crane required for the lift could only setup next to the Hilton on E Wacker Pl. - a multi-level street with little to no support underneath for the weight of the crane. Second, because of the narrow width of the street, there would be a very small cushion of space between the 500-Ton’s Superlift and nearby buildings - feet at best. Engineering would be required. 


HBK Engineering was called in to do a thorough street analysis to determine optimal crane placement. After considering several conflicting factors (such as storm drain inlets, drain piping, and, of course, the lack of structural support), HBK was able to calculate correct placement of the crane and proposed placement of the shoring that would be needed to support it. Prime Scaffolding then created schematics and built the specialized shoring that would be placed on Lower Wacker underneath each outrigger. Shoring was rated to support 212,000 lbs. for each outrigger. During the lift, the actual weight of each outrigger was 200,000 lbs. 


To reach the 233 ft. rooftop, The 500-Ton Liebherr LTM 1400 would require 270 ft. of luffing jib in addition to the Superlift for a total 400 ft. boom and jib height. The crane was built Friday night on Wacker Pl. and took up the length of two entire city blocks (Wabash to Michigan) to build the crane. The next morning (Saturday), The 500-Ton, fully equipped, executed the lift. The Superlift got within 6 inches of nearby buildings. The lift was completed quickly and by Sunday afternoon the 500-Ton crane had disassembled and returned to the Gatwood crane yard. 


That weekend was a great example of collaboration and an excellent feat of engineering. To see more pictures from this jobsite, click HERE


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